Using double coupling to improve your peptide synthesis

There are several strategies employed when a peptide synthesis requires optimization.  Typically, the first thing considered is whether or not to double couple specific amino acids within the sequence.  This is somewhat of a change in mentality from traditional room temperature synthesis strategies where double coupling is frequently used for the entire peptide sequence.

In a previous post, I briefly described several scenarios in which doubling coupling can be used in conjunction with microwave heating to improve the overall crude peptide purity.  In today’s post, I will delve more deeply into the question of whether or not double coupling is necessary to improve your peptide synthesis.

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2 thoughts on “Using double coupling to improve your peptide synthesis”

    1. Hello Simon,
      Thank you for taking time to read my peptide synthesis blog and thank you for the link to your work. I use ChemMatrix almost exclusively for the peptides I synthesize now and highly recommend its use. Please refer to the post “Choosing your resin, Part 2” for a discussion highlighting the advantages of ChemMatrix resin.

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