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Hi Everyone!

We’re so glad that you’ve found our blog and want to know more about Peptide Synthesis. We’ve actually moved over to a new blog home that features videos, blogs, product information and more. Follow the link below to come learn more!


3 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!”

  1. good work but I need to know what is the proper type of adsorbent that could replace that of the preparative column used in HPLC

    1. Hi Atef,
      Thanks for taking time to read this blog. For the peptide purifications highlighted in several blogs, I still use standard C18-functionalized sorbents. The principle difference between the sorbents I use and that packed into HPLC preparative columns is the particle size. Typically, preparative HPLC columns use either 5 or 10 um particle sizes whereas I’m using a sorbent with a 20 um particle size. I’ve highlighted the advantages of this larger particle size in other blog posts.

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